Sunday, February 19, 2012

TV Quote of the Week - 2/19/12

This was actually a really great week for TV, so narrowing doown the much anticipated TV Quote of the Week was a little more difficult than usual, but nevertheless, I got one for ya!!

This week's quote comes from ABC's Wednesday hit comedy - Modern Family. Although I'm occasionally "luke warm" on this show, the hidden gem, my favorite character, and the funniest kid on TV, Luke Dunphy, hits yet another grand slam!

Phil and Claire are breaking the news to their kids that they may have decided to be surrogates for Claire's brother Mitchell and his partner Cam, in order to help in their endeavor to have a son together. Already well familiar with Cam & Mitchell's 1st child, 3 year old Lilly, Luke (her cousin, mind you) had THIS to say:

Phil: "There was a discussion about the possibility of your mom donating an egg so that the guys could have a baby ..."

Claire: "But we decided it was NOT a good idea."

Luke: "Why? Because Lilly's such a mess?"

Phil: "For a LOT of reasons! They have--"

Luke: "--But, we can agree that she's a disaster as a human being."


Watch Modern Family, Wednesday nights @ 9pm, on ABC.

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Saturday, February 4, 2012

MTV's Pants - Baggy, but a Good Fit!

EJ WON'T LET YOU DOWN - The OFFICIAL Non-Football related Entertainment Blog of the 
New York Giants

So Thursday night was the 2 episode series premiere of MTV's newest big investment, I Just Want My Pants Back, a sexy, coming-of-age comedic drama about hip 20-somethings trying to make it in New York City. Yep. I know. Been there. Done that. Who cares? Right? ... Well with THAT kind of attitude, you'll never try and discover new things. So, slipping 'the Pants' on? ... I found 'em pretty comfy!

The show centers around cool, "everyman" Jason (Peter Vack), his best friend Tina (Kim Shaw), and their 2 buds from college, Stacey & Eric (Elizabeth Howser and Jordan Carlos), the "positively directed, upwardly mobile, interracial couple" that most people aspire to be like. Tina plays the field and tries not to get emotionally invested in her male conquests, Jason works to get over the one-night-stand he can't quite forget, and Stacey & Eric study for grad school and belabor over shopping for the perfect mattress together.

Overly romanticizing the NYC living experience is always something I take personally in a TV show and am critical towards, but 'Pants' doesn't totally suck at it. How to Make it in America (which will be missed, God Damn You, HBO ...) was the only show that ever got it the most right, but 'Pants' paints the 'Brooklyn pseudo-hipster lifestyle' portrait pretty well - Crappy jobs - "Meh" apartments - Artsy friends with "yeah, I guess so" social lives - Overly familiarized relationships with the local Indian deli owner ... 'Pants' makes it all works. Plus, someone is ALWAYS having basic cable sex at some point before a commercial break.

I Just Want My Pants Back is fun and funny and light-hearted and doesn't take itself too seriously, not at all trying to make any kind of statement, (which MTV has been notorious for) ... And its just relatable enough ...

Give 'the Pants' a shot! ... I think you'll like how they feel.

I Just Want My Pants Back airs Thursdays @ 11pm on MTV.

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