Sunday, June 7, 2015

17 Lingering Questions on Game Of Thrones

Game Of Thrones – It feels like an eternity that we wait for it to premiere each year and just as soon as it does, the season is already over WAY too soon. So, with such an epic episode last Sunday and only 2 episodes to go, lets ask the 17 Questions that we hope get answered before the Season 5 finale!

1)    How MUCH is Tyrion wanting Daenerys right now???

We all know the dwarf loves the ladies, but he doesn’t admire/impress easily, particularly after killing the love of his life at the end of last season. Upon finally sitting down with her, the  Mother of Dragons seems to have rekindled a spark in Tyrion. Given him a purpose. How long till his admiration grows to something more?

2)    Who needs ‘Dragon Glass’ when you’ve got Valyrian Steel?

Thought Dragon Glass was the only thing that could kill a White Walker? Think again!! (Thank you, Jon Snow!)

3)    Why the HELL is Sam STILL at Castle Black??

He’s honor bound and doesn’t want to abandon the Night’s Watch, but Gilly nearly got raped and he nearly got killed trying to protect her. Ghost might not be there to save your ass next time. Might be time to consider a change in address.

4)    Cersei … How you like DEM apples?

An old adage states to “never throw stones when you’re living in glass houses” … That holds true even if that house is ‘House Lannister

5)    How much of a pussy is King Tommen?

Last we heard, the KING was sulking in his room, starving himself and depressed, while his wife (the Queen) and his mother lay rotting in a dungeon prison … The late King Joffrey had NO redeeming qualities whatsoever, but say what you will about him, its hard to imagine him being this weak and indecisive faced with the same situation.

6)    What’cha gonna do with that corkscrew Sansa?

Here’s for hoping that you introduce it to Ramsey Bolton’s neck, sooner rather than later.

7)    Where’s Varys?

Since being separated from Tyrion, he’s pretty much disappeared.

8)    Ser Jorah has no chill, does he?

      Cursed with Grayscale, enslaved, and then nearly executed for trying to return to Daenerys’s side – what does he do as soon as he’s cast out? He returns to the fighting pits trying to curry her favor once more. Zero. Fucks. Given.

9)    How much time does Ser Meryn Trant have left?

Last we checked, he’s on his way to Bravos to visit the Iron Bank. It’s a safe bet that he will encounter a 'very happy to see him once moreArya Stark. I’d like to see his name crossed off her list.

10)   How awesome will the battle at Winterfell be to even HALFWAY hold a candle to Hardhome?

11)   Karsi, we barely knew ye, yet why do we miss you so?

Game Of Thrones has a habit of killing off any character any time It feels like it, but Karsi, the awesome new Wildling leader, got killed in her introductory episode! She was smart, strong, brave, and level- headed. Would have loved to see the impact this new female character could have had, joining the main cast. But alas... This is Game Of Thrones and she’s now #TeamWhiteWlaker.

12)   Is there ANY retribution left for Theon??

He’s already betrayed Sansa to Ramsey once, but then he also revealed his
secret to her that he DIDN’T kill the 2 Stark boys, which even Ramsey doesn’t know … How will this all play out??

13)  Uhm … Grey Worm … Are we getting back to work anytime soon? Or nah? …

14)  Are the Sand Snakes gonna redeem their relevance and remind us why we were excited for them in the first place?

Their first attempt to kill the Lannister girl was a huge disappointment. Not just for them failing, but for the viewing audience as well. “Underwhelming” would be putting it as mildly as possible. Let’s see what they can REALLY do!

15)  What’s the High Sparrow’s TRUE agenda?

This mysterious, scary bastard …

16)  Are we gonna get any more dragon action??
Haven’t seen anyone roasted to a crisp in a minute … That would be nice …

17)  Who’s head is next on the chopping block?  

We usually lose a major character or two, each season. Game Of Thrones has trained us not to get too attached to anyone as their number could be called without warning. That being said, we’ve already lost Mance Rayder, Ser Barristan Selmy and Aemon Targaryen this season alone, but I feel the God of Death isn’t quite done yet with his shopping list for Season 5 …

Can’t wait to find out. 2 cents. 2 more weeks. #BreakTheWheel

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