Monday, March 19, 2012

Rick Roll'd: The Walking Dead Season Finale

After a season full of ups and downs for The Walking Dead, the Finale REALLY needed to come big and deliver, and boy did it do just that!

Who even KNOWS where to begin with this ep? So we'll just start right at the beginning with the zombies (yes, they are "zombies", even if the show refuses to call them that) invading the farm. Very reminiscent of the Plants vs. Zombies app for the iPhone, a huge wave approaches and the survivors have to quickly devise a plan to protect the farm. Doesn't work out.

They do their best, with Hershel determined to go down with the ship. Nevertheless, they get overrun and its a bit of a "house-cleaning", as most of the minor characters that we didn't get to know much this season get literally chewed up by the zombie hoard. Hershel's son and "eldest daughter"? I don't even know. But they are gone. Of this season's new cast, only Hersh, Maggie (Glen's girl), and Beth (the suicidal daughter) make it outa there.

The rest of the crew scatter in separate vehicles, and and are able to rendezvous back at the season's kick off point - the highway where they first encountered the herd of "Walkers".

We see that season has truly come full circle, and reminded about how they've come to where they are now, as well as the many losses they've suffered along the way. Hershel has another fantastic moment that reinforces why we love that he is still with us:

Well said, Hershel!

Carl continues to be an annoying brat, making us wish for HIS demise. T-dog gets a couple lines, almost SORTA helps out a bit, and starts to suggest that he might have a few ideas of his own on survival. Glen finally tells Maggie he loves her.

Andrea is the only one to get completely separated from everyone as they think she is killed, but we see all her "training" this season finally paying off. (Shane would be proud, and Dale would still have a stupid look on his face) Andrea runs and fights all night, till her last bullet and last breath, and right before she gets eaten, she's rescued by what can only be described a "Mysterious Zombie Hunter", complete with samurai sword and zombie pets. It should be noted that the 2 zombies the hunter has with chains around their necks appear to be African American (go back and watch!), So ... be ready for what THAT is going set off with viewers ... But I'm also 100% certain that this will all be rectified come Season Premiere in the Fall.

However, the best of the season finale can be summed up in one word - Rick. He comes clean about having to off Shane, and Lori, the waste of life that she is, turns her back on him, though she was the one nudging Rick to do it the whole way. The rest of the group of idiots show their disapproval as well, even AS they learn of Shane's hair-brained plot to kill Rick first. No matter. By this point Rick had MORE than enough of their bullshit and lays it out for them, straight up:

  No more Bitch-Assness!

Oh, and as the final scene, and teaser for next season - We see a fortress-like stronghold in the near distance from where our shell-shocked survivors are making camp. Is this the safe haven that they've been dreaming about? Or a brand new clusterfuck of problems waiting to arise? Come back in the fall and find out!!

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