Tuesday, April 17, 2012

A Simpsons Love-Letter to Lost

The Simpsons, god bless them, ain't what they used to be, but keeping up with them week after week is still worth it, particularly when they crank out one gems that aired this past Sunday night.

The A-story consisted of Bart being forced to 'babysit' Jimbo's girl, Shauna, while he was off doing guy stuff with his friends, only to have Shauna then fall for and carry on a secret relationship with Bart. That was fine, and it had a few noteworthy gags, but it was the B-story of Homer discovering and becoming obsessed with a "Lost-esque" tv show called 'Stranded' that would have u grinning ear-to-ear the whole way through.

Less a mockery, it was more of a loving send-up of Lost which served to remind us how crazy (only a couple short years ago) we went for this convoluted supernatural drama that toyed with us, jerked us around, sparked heated discussions and debates, and bent our brains with teasers and easter eggs, only to ultimately leave us thinking - "... Wha? ..." .... Yet still loving every second of it.

Here is a full recap of the Simpsons's take on Lost, if you missed it!

The 'Stranded' series premiere with 'Jack' discovering flashes from his past appearing on the Island with mind boggling relations to the flight that got them stranded there ... along with a 'Hurley' and 'Sawyer' and a 'Kate?', maybe?

'Locke' offering a grim warning to 'Sawyer' before getting devoured by the 'Lava Being' (Stranded's version of the 'Smoke Monster'), never to be seen again ... maybe ... 

A nice shot of the 'Crank', with 'Jack', 'Sawyer', 'Kate', and 'Sayid' ....

Homer's personal notebook to help him follow along, keep track of events, and ultimately unlock the mystery .... .... As if the producers would ever give enough to allow that ....

Homer is soon leading a Stranded discussion group, which every Lost fan must have attended one or a couple of these at one point or another ... be it organized at a local coffee shop or people congregating in the office kitchen/break room Friday morning .... Although, Homer is a little late to the party, with everyone else having long since seen how the series ends ... (Homer is still in the middle of Season 3)

Marge, finally annoyed to no end, spoils the entire series for Homer

Then, at the end, a little teaser in the Simpsons closing credits with some imagery of what many people considered Lost to be all about ... and a final shot and word from 'Jack's' childhood cat.

God, I miss Lost. Don't you?

Fantastic television. Truly. Thank you, Simpsons!

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