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the Top 10 Things Learned from the Season Premiere of GAME of THRONES

Finally! Winter has arrived! The season premiere for the best show on television, Game of Thrones finally aired this past Sunday, and it was absolutely fantastic! The only complaint is that 1 hour just isn't enough! Oh, and we could have used a little Arya in this episode ... But nevertheless, it was awesome, and to help tide over the wait till Sunday's next new episode, I figured it would be cool to discuss GofT midweek, now that we have had time to digest ...

But rather than just talk about "oh, this was cool ...", and "hey, what about that? ..." (since everything sorta rocks anyway), I decided to put together a list of the Top 10 Things Learned from the Season Premiere.

#1 - Samwise: Good -- Samwell: Bad
Both Sams may be portly sidekicks of their respective stories, but while Samwise Gamgee (of Lord of the Rings) takes the MVP, our own Samwell Tarly drops the ball every damn time. Story opened up with him running for his life from the White Walkers, and after being rescued by his fellow Nights Watchmen, was asked if he'd released the ravens (giving the alert of the monstrous invasion) ... He hadn't. It was Samwell's ONLY task, and he couldn't get it done. Tsk, tsk.  He'll get it right one day, I hope!

#2 - Giants are Shy

Holy crap! Giants!!! Jon Snow was surprised to see one for the very first time in his life, now, deep, north of the wall in Wilding territory. He's quickly warned not to stare long as Giants go from being shy, to turning angry ... and then its hammer time ...

#3 - Dragons Cook their own Meals

Daenerys's babies are getting big and FAST! ... Maybe not fast enough for the Khaleesi, but they can already hunt down food for themselves, and fire up the stove afterwards!

#4 - Robb Stark holds Grudges

Robb's mommy, Catelyn Stark, freed arch-nemesis and "King Slayer" Jamie Lannister last season in an attempt to barter his life for her 2 daughters she believes still trapped in King's Landing. Robb's soldiers took exception to this rogue act, as did Robb, and we still find him salty as ever at dear mom. Wherever they go, he makes sure to have a prison cell handy with her name on it.

#5 - Always be Loyal to One's own Truth ...

Shocker!! Davos, the right hand of #TeamStannis is ALIVE, having survived the Battle at Blackwater last season and has been marooned on a rock in the middle of the sea ever since. The good news is that a ship has found him. The bad news is that he doesn't know if they are friends or foes and when questioned of which "True King" he serves, he has a HUGE problem on hand ... He has NO IDEA who won the assault at Blackwater, and claiming allegiance to the wrong side could very well leave him stranded on that rock again, or WORSE! ... Hence, not knowing the "correct" thing to say, he simply states what HE believes and affirms he allegiance to Stannis Baratheon ... It was a good call!!

#6 - When Vacationing in a Foreign Land, its Helpful to Learn some of the Language
Daenerys is shopping for Unsullied and the dude selling the soulless soldiers is quite the asshole ... But Daeny doesn't catch on to the nastiness and disrespect as she can't understand a word he is saying ... Although the Khaleesi DID pick up Dothraki pretty quick, so ... points for THAT, I guess ...

#7 - Men need Nipples ... or maybe they don't? ...

Thee most difficult to watch scene of the night -- In attempt to display the fearlessness and obedience of the Unsullied, one of them has his nipple chopped off without any reluctance, hesitation, or even a whimper of pain. Dedication. *still cringing*

#8 - Cersei's ALWAYS been a bitch ... and she wears Armor to Dinner

During a great conversation with her brother Tyrion, we learn that even back at the tender age of 9, Cersei felt no remorse for the lives she destroyed. At the time she had her soldiers beat another 9 year old girl to the point of losing an eye, to teach the child a lesson about stealing ...

Later on in the episode, we find Cersei at dinner with her son King Joffrey and his newly betrothed, Lady Margaery Tyrell. Its a good thing Cersei's wearing her dining armor, as the 2 women engage in a spectacular verbal jousting session, with the Queen stunned to discover hat she might have met her match in this seemingly benign, yet intelligent and manipulative adversary ... Do NOT sleep on Lady Margaery. She's no punk like Sansa.

#9 - Tywin Lannister will NOT win 'Father of the Year'
There is so much awesomeness that is yet to come of Tywin serving as Hand of the King! But before that gets underway, Tyrion had a bone to pick with dear old dad, particularly about his rights towards Casterly Rock - the Lannister Family stronghold. What follows is the most horrific berating a father has bestowed upon his son in recent television history. The usually clever and sharp tongued Tyrion was left speechless in his defeat ... You almost wanted to cry on his behalf.

#10 - Children will be the Death of You

Oh, soft-hearted Daenerys ... A smiling child wants to play with you so you are so easily drawn in ... "Open the ball" you say? ... Sure! Why not?! ... Oops, wait. There's a killer scorpion monster inside. You're gonna have to be a LOT more careful talking to strangers, pretty lady.

Cannot wait till the next episode!!!!

Game of Thrones airs Sundays @ 9pm on HBO

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