Saturday, January 29, 2011

EJ vs. Will Smith ...

Ya know what? I like Will Smith. I really do. But he's really asking for it ...

Or is he pushing it ... I'm not sure ... probably both! ... What did the West Philadelphia (born & raised) A-lister do to EJ now? ... It's what he's BEEN doing and what he's continually TRYING to do! Namely - shit all over my favorite movies.

First, this past summer, he puts out the remake (that nobody wanted or asked for) of the Karate Kid, my favorite movie of all time, and he places his son Jaden in the starring role. Admittedly, the remake wasn't that awful. In fact, it was actually kinda entertaining, but the original with Ralph Macchio was flawless and remains in a class all its own. Smith didn't need to mess with it, but he couldn't help himself. So, ok. Fine. I forgave him.

Couldn't he leave well enough alone? Nope! What could he possibly have his sights set on NEXT (just to piss me off)???

Yep! That's right. The remake of Annie, starring Willow "I whip my hair back n' forth" Smith. Believe it! It's true!

Annie was one of the first movies I EVER watched in a movie theater, and has always had a special place in my heart. There've been remakes - "made for TV's" and "direct to videos", but this would be the 1st theatrical remake that Papa Smith is petitioning SONY for. It's not a done deal yet, but this is Will Smith we're talking about. It's probably only just a matter of time till he gets his way.

Willow is cute and energetic and speaks to the kids of today, and I'm sure she couldn't be any WORSE an actor than her brother ... But nobody could ever even come CLOSE to Aileen Quinn as the spunky, irresistible orphan with a mean right-hook.

Hmmm ... I wonder who's gonna play Daddy Warbucks and Miss Hannigan ... Suggestions???


  1. uh. Why are semi talented people pushing their mediocre at best off spring down our collective throats? As far as other casting, Suri and the elder Smiths.

    PS I heard a rumor that Willow is seriously being considered for the roll of Rue in the Hunger Games movie. I don't know if you read the books but if you have then be angry with me!

  2. hahahaha
    I actually think Will Smith IS pretty talented! And sometimes the offspring turn out to be strong & credible in their own right! i.e. - Scott Caan who's on one of my favorite dramas of the new season - Hawaii Five-0.

    But AS children ... and (you're right) mediocre at best - they should reel them back in.

    Hunger Games? hahahaha
    You think I'm the kind of person that has enough discipline to actually read a book??? lol
    that's funny :)

  3. Well I did but with the amount of television you watch I can see how your time is precious. That's why I cut down on Toddlers & Tiaras so I can at least get through a magazine.

    Will Smith: I question his "talent" because I saw 7 lbs. and you can only pucker your lips so many times to convince me you're pensive and/or contemplative.

    Willow is 10 and has her own style *two snaps* What is that about!? When I was 10 I was watching The Little Mermaid, eating Polly-y string cheese and recording Wilson Phillips songs off the radio!

  4. I know what you mean. Apparently Shilo Pitt-Jolie has "her own style" as well, and she's like what? - 4? ... God I hate Angelina Jolie ... but i'm not gonna get started on her ... i'll get at her another time.

    Smith? - I never watched 7 lbs. But i heard it was kinda a stinker. I actually look to Fresh Prince of Bel Air where he was actually called upon to display the widest range of emotion and depth ever in his career.