Sunday, January 30, 2011

Getting it straight from the Outsourced ...

Has anyone been watching Outsourced (Thursdays; 10:30pm) ?  Folks were, though a lot of help was coming by way of its fairly strong Office lead-in. But now, with its new LATER time period, the show may be seeing some rougher waters ...

This show, I think, may have turned off a lot of viewers based on it's premise, which u can surmise from its title, and rather derivative and stereotypical (ha! listen to how I sound with my big fancy words!) first couple episodes. But if there is anything I can appreciate in a TV show is it's ability to grow beyond itself, come into it's own, and really find it's voice. Outsourced has done this faster than any Freshman sitcom I've ever seen, and what we're given is a refreshing and pretty original ensemble cast of office workers that have been delivering the "laugh out loud" funny week-in and week-out. The best of the bunch is Rajiv (Rizwan Manji), the scheming Assistant Manager who floats effortlessly between "extremely passive aggressive" and "extremely aggressive aggressive". Also look for Anisha Nagarajan as the shy and reserved, but keenly aware Madhuri, and Office Space's Diedrich Bader who plays Charlie, the creepy but hilarious best friend.

I'm really hoping this show gets a 2nd season. It is right up there in the ranks of 30 Rock and The Office. I highly recommend watching an episode, if you haven't yet.  You will NOT be let down!

 Try this one out :)

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