Sunday, January 23, 2011

Gritty ...

Okey-dokey. Blog is up. Much like a fight, rather than over-think it, I'm just gonna run forward, arms flailing and flaying wildly, and hope for the best. If I take any hits along the way, I'll get up, dust myself off, and make any necessary adjustments.

1st up? - I love movies. So? - we watched the Coen Brothers' latest film - True Grit this past Friday.

Not gonna bore you with psychoanalyzing the thing, it was just a very good film. Suddenly Jeff Bridges is relevant again, and moreso than with Tron: Legacy, True Grit is the showcase for why. Excellent performances all the way through, especially from Matt Damon who is one of the best (and maybe under appreciated) actors we have today. Josh Brolin plays "asshole" picture perfect, as usual, but the new kid - Hailee Steinfeld - is the driving force of it all. She won't win anything come Oscar time, cuz ... well ... she just won't. The Oscars do suck in a lot of ways. But she's definitely awesome, and she'll certainly have a whole lot of work in the future.

Seems like a lot of young actresses turn in these terrific performances that get recognized much more often than their male counterparts. For every Haley Joel Osment, there's a Kirsten Dunst, an Anna Paquin, a Keisha Castle Hughes, AND a Hailee Steinfeld. You boys better step ur game up!

Anyways ... Just so you are up with the ratings system for how these movies go:

  • Loved it - one of the best movies I've seen in a long time and worth every cent of the ticket price. I can't state enough how much u need to go see this movie ...
  • Liked it - it was an enjoyable flick for the most part and I'm glad I watched it. Will I run out to buy it when released on video? ... Probably not.
  • Leave it - ranging from the truly forgettable to the "wait a minute ... that didn't make any sense" in the 1st 5 minutes after I leave the theater. Basically - a whole lotta nothin.
  • Loathed it - a movie that literally makes me ANGRY after I exit and for days and weeks after. Angry that I wasted my time and money, and angry that such a piece of shit was ever made and that people actually received payment to do so.

So for True Grit? - I Liked it.
Close to "loving it", but not quite. Coulda used a vampire or a ninja or something ... Maybe a Ninja Vampire ... Still very good though.

M'kay? Done. That's the first thing I've ever blogged about. Historic.
Please come back again in the future ... Please? ... I'll pay you money.
(ps - no, I won't)

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