Thursday, January 27, 2011

Isn't it about time that u caught VD? ...

After what felt like forever, Vampire Diaries (Thursdays, 8pm), one of the finest yet most underrated shows on Television is back with new episodes tonight on the CW!!!

Where'd we leave off? - Basically - The new Werewolf in town, Jules, is no pushover. She's as dangerous as they come, and has bitten Rose to prove it. "Werewolf bite being toxic to Vampires"? Is it b.s.? - Nope! As Rose discovers, seeing how badly infected she's becoming and watching her undead life is start to whittle away...

Superbad Vampire Elijah - Major villain? or man with his own agenda? ... (can't he be both??) Elena is more confused than ever...

What will happen with Bonnie (she's so cute!) & Luca? ... Will they finally hook up? Or will Jeremy, Elena's un-killable little brother, finally get the girl? ... And why are all black people Witches on this show? ... Haha Just kidding. But seriously. They are!

And lastly, Vampire Caroline (my current favorite) is entering a love triangle with 'just survived his 1st transformation' Werewolf Tyler (congrats!) and her hapless human ex-boyfriend who just can't catch a break.

Seriously. I don't care what u THINK u think about the "vampire genre" on television. This show is awesome. One of the best thing you could possibly spend an hour doing each week ... So stop being an asshole and fuckin watch it already!!

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