Thursday, January 27, 2011

Jersey Sure, Why not?

First there was GTL. Then there was T-Shirt time. What do we have now in Season 3 of MTV's mega-hit Jersey Shore (Thursdays, 10pm) ? - The Grenade Whistle. And it was awesome. Finally, an outstanding episode and a reminder of just why people watch this show in the first place!

After last week's snoozefest at the shore down in Seaside, this week's ep turned it back up, going out, being ridiculous, dodging grenades, and yep - Sam & Ron fighting. She's nuts. He's nuts. They're both nuts for being WITH each other. And even though watching the 2 of them go back and forth can be tiring at times, tonight it was the highlight. Ron sure cried a lot for a "tough guy", but Sam definitely gave him reason to!

If only she got a clean shot on JWoww like that! Speaking of whom, J's insertion into the affairs of Sam & Ron could have been marked as 'sinister' ... if she were smart enough to be that conniving ... all debatable ... But, without giving away TOO much, the episode was one of the best of the season. Extra credit goes to the (unfortunately brief) return Rider, Snooki's BFF from back home, who I enjoy a whole lot, and Deena giving the boys something to laugh at in the barbershop. The Situation is such an ass :)

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