Tuesday, February 22, 2011

First there was Watson ...

Well, first there were a LOT of things! But MOST RECENTLY there was Watson ... ya know - the IBM computer that annihilated it's human competition on Jeopardy last week? ... That was fun, wasn't it?

Well because we won't be satisfied till we "prove" that machines can beat us at ALL of our leisure and pass time activities, they've constructed this new golfing robot, which I think (and don't quote me on this, after all I'm just a human, and not a computer) is called "INBIRDIE".

Admittedly, the video on this thing ain't long or stellar and it's in Korean, so unless you've got that language under your belt, you probably aren't enjoying this as much as you should ... But trust me. It's pretty impressive. InBirdie is about 4 feet tall and with it's optical sensors it measures distance, incline, and angle and all that good stuff and makes golf puts based on its calculations. It competes effectively with humans in virtual golf, sinking 85% of its puts. Developers are in the works to make a larger InBirdie that can play and compete on a full size golfing range.


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