Tuesday, February 1, 2011

SAG Awards weren't HAIM'ing it up?

Ok. The Screen Actors Guild Awards (the SAGs) may be be the most pretentious and obnoxious (yes, both) of all the award ceremonies. - "Yeah, I'm going to start a club for all my friends, that YOU can't join, and then I'll have a ceremony to give accolades to all my favorite members." ... Try and envision Julia Roberts smiling and triumphantly holding up something called "the Actor", to make you just want to throw-up inside your own mouth and then punch somebody in the face.
Having trouble? ... Here ya go.

Uhg. What a bitch.

Anyway, one thing the award shows LOVE to do every year is the "In Memoriam" segment, where they honor all the famous and noteworthy entertainers who passed on in the last year. So WHO (you might ask, or already know cuz you can see the title or already know the story) did they "forget" to honor this past Sunday night?

Yep. That's right. Corey Haim. He died last year in what was ruled to NOT be a drug overdose (shocker, right?), but wasn't featured among the honorees. The "final insult"? Desperate fame-whore, best friend, and "Corey #2", Corey Feldman thinks so. He's quoted as saying - "We're used to not being honored by our peers" ... hahahahahahahahaha Oh, Corey ...

The SAG's claimed that it wasn't an intentional dis. They made 2 versions of the memoriam. The longer one that DID feature Haim was not used due to time constraints on the program, so they were forced to use the abridged version, in which he was cut out.

Well, here's to praying that Feldman isn't passed over and finds himself included in the SAG Memoriam in 2012.

(god, RELAX! just kidding! The Lost Boys and License to Drive were 2 of my fave 80's flicks)

Here's the SAG Memoriam this year to see who they DID care about :

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