Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Simpsons really delivered on Sunday night!

Although most people were probably watching the Grammys on Sunday evening, The Simpsons; 8 pm on FOX, had a potentially Award Winning night themselves!

Most die-hard Simpsons fans (those of us that are still tuning in) will agree that FOX's "First Family" ain't what it used to be. Not in the ratings and definitely not in the quality. Many are just watching out of habit at this point, left with only the hope of their loyalty being rewarded with at least ONE genuine laugh every few episodes or so.

Sunday's Valentine's Day episode, however, totally knocked it out of the park. Homer becoming a "professional Wing Man" to help out Moe and several other of Springfield's loveless losers had some great moments (In one scene Homer "Talk Blocks" Lenny so Moe could swoop in to steal his girl) ... but the true genius were in the minor shots, like the above, where Lenny and Carl honor their Valentine's Day tradition of dating each other's sister ... Laughing my Fuckin ASS off, with NO abbreviation! And this ep was chock full of gems like these! (also check for Ralph Wiggum's comment to Marge)

Very refreshing. For a show that I pretty much grew up with, even knowing that it's BEST years are behind it, I'll always be rooting for The Simpsons to shine. And its episodes like this one that make it worth it to keep coming back week after week.

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