Saturday, March 12, 2011

Coloring OUTSIDE the lines of a Kids Show ...

Anyone remember The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers? Well you SHOULD as it's been airing for almost 20 years! (debuted in 1993)

It's been a relatively ... EXTREMELY cheesy show since it's inception. No doubt about it. But you couldn't help get at least a LITTLE kick out of it! No? I mean ... WHO didn't like Pink Ranger? Right, fellas?

Well, anyway, did anyone ever take notice of just how not-even-shy-about-it RACIST the show was? LOL I mean, even for the early 90's, you'd think they'd be a LITTLE more cognizant of how they were casting each of the individual Ranger characters.

Well, CollegeHumor noticed and put together a fun little piece highlighting Zordon's (the Power Rangers Boss on the show, in case you didn't know) decision making process when it came time to select some new recruits ...


Props to Josh for sharing!