Monday, March 14, 2011

The Rock looks MIZ-erable ...

Wrestlemania 27 is upon us, Sunday April 3rd. I still have a little time to crunch the numbers to give you my predicts for the winners and the losers of the biggest night in Pro Wrestling Entertainment, but till then? This past Monday Night Raw ...

For those that are curious to know, The Rock, who is returning as "Guest Host" for Wrestlemania has been pretty much on the losing end of an on-going war-of-words with John Cena (to many people's surprise, whether Rock fans want to admit it or not) This week The Rock got points for enlisting the help of Rap Sensation Matty B who posed as a Micro Cena to bear the brunt of Rock's insults. Fun stuff, and props to Matty for holding it down and making the whole thing at least partially enjoyable.

And if the night couldn't get any MORE explosive? The Celebrity Guest for Raw for evening? Jersey Shore's own Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi.

Nicole's got a cover of Rolling Stone Magazine to promote and WWE is happy enough to attach itself to the Jersey Shore wagon, so it's win-win for everybody! ... Although the fans gave mixed reactions, props to Polizzi for keeping her composure. Hell, most genuine actresses or celebs or whatever have a tough time being entertaining when guesting Raw, and she was at least on par with them. Snookers stood her ground against Michelle McCool, had a salable ring run-in and jump on Layla, and got herself invited back for a 3-man tag match in Wrestlemania! Good for you, Snooks!

But probably the best stunt of the night, if you lasted to the very end, when Cena was getting jumped by Alberto Del Rio and some loser, was the surprise actual LIVE appearance by the Rock! ... Or so the crowd thought ...

The Miz showed up decked out in Rock garb, and totally faked out the audience in attendance, and then rushed into the ring to assist with the John Cena beatdown. Awesome.

A lot of good stuff this week on Raw as the Road to Wrestlemania continues :)

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