Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Super Crazy!

Perhaps the greatest thing to come out of Seattle since Grunge music ... well, definitely the greatest thing in 2011, is Phoenix Jones.

Have you heard about this dude? A real life Superhero who dresses up every night in costume, and teaming up w/ his cohorts (gang?) known as The Rain City Superheroes, he patrols the streets of Seattle, keeping the city safe for you and me. (although, I live in NY so he's not TECHNICALLY keeping me safe from anything, but you catch my drift, I'm sure)

He's been making headlines since January about his attempted crime-stopping and has been met with a bit of controversy, mostly with the local police who fear his 'attempt to help', may actually INCITE the crimes that he's seeking to prevent. Thus, he may wind up the very victim that needs saving in the end.

Although, good luck taking Phoenix down! He's encased in body armor and wields martial arts, pepper spray, a night stick with a taser on the end, and most powerful weapon of all - a cell phone so he can call for help when he's getting his ass kicked.

Just when you think you've heard the last from him, the masked vigilante is in the news again, and this time its the Wall Street Journal that's paying attention:

As awesome as this whole thing is, the man is OBVIOUSLY insane, and he's totally gonna get himself killed out there ...


  1. Dude...that is so Kickass. No really that is the name of the movie.

  2. Yep ... and remember Big Daddy? things didn't end so well for him, did it? :)