Monday, May 16, 2011

Best. Cameo. Ever!

Ahhh, May. The month of the broadcast net's season finales. All the majors usually attempt to 'go big' before going home for the summer, and last night was FOX's Animation Domination's turn up at bat.

The Simpsons, unfortunately showing it's age, was the weakest entry of the night with a roundabout story of each family member having fun with random keys they discovered stashed away over the years. American Dad was better, although not great ... "solid" at best, with a sendup of NBC's The Office, centered around Stan's job at the C.I.A., coupled with the "complexities" of Francine suddenly invading his work environment. Family Guy's "Lois & Bonnie Trip to Paris" was pretty good, but they should have closed out the season with last week's AWESOME "Brian & Stewie Time Travel" ep. The best of the batch, with an OUTSTANDING finale which only further illustrated how this spinoff has come into it's own, was The Cleveland Show.

Next-door neighbor Tim the Bear is my favorite character, but I didn't miss him at all as this episode featured only the main family and their trip to the San Diego Comic Con. Initially only traveling there for Cleveland to push his self produced comic book "Waderman", he and Donna find themselves on a HYSTERICAL venture trying to stop Robert Rodriguez (yes, THAT Robert Rodriguez) from promoting a Blacksploitation film Donna had starred in during her youth called 'Hot Cocoa Bang Bang'. Amazing!

And what's a big story without a big cast of cameos? The guest stars rolled out for the finale included Robert Rodriguez, (naturally), Eliza Dushku, Danny Trejo, Mark Hamill, Emily Deschanel, and Jamie Kennedy to name a few. But of course, the GREATEST special, and totally unexpected, appearance of the night went to The Simpsons' own Comic Book Guy, offering Cleveland a completely fitting and hilariously scathing review of Waderman.

Ahhh. So satisfying. I don't even need to say it .... It IS in the article title, after all :)

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