Saturday, June 11, 2011

Another shitty night in South Park

Comedy Central's landmark comedy, South Park, is coming to an end ... Well, at least that's the speculation after this past Wednesday's episode entitled "You're Getting Old". Albeit one of the funniest episodes this season, the show was full of metaphor and signals that the series creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker were on the verge of hanging it all up after this, it's 15th season.

The episode featured Stan celebrating his 10th birthday, discovering he's grown into a depressing, cynical tween. From his music, to his food, to his favorite hobbies, he was only now able to perceive everything, literally, as "shit", and it was driving a wedge between him and his friends.

Below is a PRICELESS scene of Stan attempting to sit through some awful movie trailers, bearing light on much of the crap that Hollywood is churning out and cramming down people's throats.

On the other side was Randy Marsh, Stan's dad, desperately trying to reject the fact that he, as an adult, also sees the pop-culture phenomena targeted at young people as "shit". It ultimately culminates with his admission that he hasn't been happy for a long time, and both he AND Stan accept, "that after so many years, the things that defined them and that they liked to do - they just didn't care for anymore."

Was it South Park addressing the audience, commenting on itself, (i.e. - Chef's, voiced by Isaac Hayes, departure) giving a heads up that this was the end? ... Or was it just South Park messing with us, like they've ALSO done before. (i.e. - Kenny death)

I guess only time will tell. Till then, I encourage you to make every effort to catch the latest ep of South Park, either online, or on one of Comedy Centrals re-airs.

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