Wednesday, June 1, 2011

FOUND: 1 former Teen Drama star. Still in Working Condition!

You recall James Van Der Beek? Star of such memorable screen consumables as the WB's Dawson's Creek (when the WB (CW) actually HAD an audience), and Varsity Blues? Well, I bet what you DIDN'T know was that he's actually still alive and working! Yeah, I know, right? And get this! - Dude is actually Funny!

There were glimpses of his humor back when he played himself for a quick cameo appearance in Scary Movie. I like when celebrities don't take themselves too seriously. But he's essentially been off the grid, for the most part, since then ... Until RECENTLY!

Not long ago he was spotted in the surprisingly decent Ke$ha video - Blow, with HIS role really carrying the whole thing:

Ke$ha: "Well, well, well. If it isn't James Van Der Douche."

James Van Der Beek: "I don't appreciate you Slander-Beeking my name, Ke "dollar sign" ha." 


And then last night, he unexpectedly appears on Tosh.0 during a hysterical Web Redemption for the Naked Wizard. In a bit involving a "trip" to an Oz-like world, JVB is revealed to be "the man behind the curtain", making for the best bit of the night!

Watch the full thing here!

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He says it best, himself - "The Beek is an enigma, man! You never know WHERE I'll pop up." And with his former Creek cast-mates all doing their thing: Katie Holmes as a Kennedy and raising Suri Cruise, Joshua Jackson over there on FOX's Fringe, and my favorite, the beautiful Michelle Williams, getting Oscar nominations round the clock for her cinematic roles, it's good to see all of them still relevant, this long after graduation.

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