Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Voice going out on a High Note

Last night was the season finale of NBC's hit new singing competition show, the Voice. Musical hopefuls - Dia, Beverly, Vicci, and Javier waited on pins and needles for host Carson Daly (still no Ryan Seacrest) to announce whose dreams would ultimately be coming true with America's final vote.

I was pulling for Dia Frampton, with her unique voice, restrained enthusiasm, quietly uncompromising image, and total creepy/sinister demeanor. Adorable! I also liked the Mentor/Mentee relationship she had with her coach, Country Musician and straight shooter, Blake Shelton.

Dia made it to the top 2, along with Javier Colon, with her awesome original song, Inventing Shadows, (check it out) ranking #1 on iTunes after Tuesday night's live performance. But after the tallies were in, with a difference of less than 2% between their number of votes ...

The winner was Javier Colon. Truth be told? The guy totally deserves it. Javier was pretty much the front-runner from the beginning, with an incredible voice and a determined, down-to-earth attitude. Confident, yet humble, he'd been working hard in the music biz for a long time, and it was nice to see that hard work pay off.

Coach Adam Levine couldn't have been more proud and happy for his protege, and despite some of the irritating aspects of The Voice, namely the coaches performances (uhg, please no more of that), it was a great premiere season for the show.

Where it succeeds out over Idol is that the competition dynamics are constantly changing throughout. Take note, FOX - 12 weeks straight of "Sing, Vote, Eliminate" just gets painfully redundant ... especially after what? 11 seasons?! So good job to The Voice and NBC for keeping viewers like me interested. Can't wait to see what in store for next season!

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