Monday, July 11, 2011


Ok. Tattoos are cool. We all know this. People have been sporting ink on their person since the dawn of time. So how can tattoos now take the next leap forward in this, the digital age that we live in? Animate the HELL out of them!

Sounds UNpossible? Well it ain't. A can of of spinach along with a rush of adrenaline used to be the ONLY thing getting that tank or battleship on your bicep moving, but these days? We require the more scientific approach. Get your Smart Phones ready, people!

Matrix Codes,  (those composition notebook looking squares) I dismissed as useless tech arriving in the U.S. too late in the game, and just another outlet for unwanted ads in my phone. However, Paris based tattoo artist, Karl Marc, found a way to incorporate those Matrix Codes into his designs to create original works of art, and one of the coolest and most innovative things I've seen in a while!

Check it out!!

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