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GTL: Gaining Twitter Loyalty on the Jersey Shore

Biggest reality show on TV!
Love it or hate it, there's really no comparison right now. And whether or not you number among the millions of viewers for MTV's hit series, Jersey Shore, you still know the names - Snooki ... The Situation ... Jwoww ...

But that being said, which of them really is the biggest "STAR"? Book deals, cameos, spin-offs, commercials, endorsements and Q-scores aside, these days its easy enough to just turn to Twitter for the answer. So in the case that you DON'T follow any of these guys, here's the quick rundown of which housemate fans want hear MOST from when the cameras stop rolling.

#1 - Snooki - 2,741,999 Followers
No surprises here, really. Snooki, for all her ... "limitations", is the top draw. And the story is that she's going to be featured on the next season of Dancing With the Stars on ABC. Good for her. She's my fave.

#2 - Pauly D - 1,828,351 Followers
This may be a bit of a surprise to some, but then again maybe not so much to others. Pauly, one of the LEAST detestable, and the laid back funnyman of the group, has the 2nd largest following of all of them. And word on the street is that he just joined G-Unit ... yes, THAT G-Unit. Truth be told, he actually IS a very good DJ, so he does have something to offer, musically ...

#3 - Jwoww - 1,548,873 Followers
Jenny came in as 3rd with the next highest amount of Twitter followers ... although it's really hard to figure out why ... I honestly don't know what she's got in store right now ... That book of hers came out already ... On the show she's in a "stable" relationship and has been relatively low-key ... *yawn*

#4 - Vinny - 1,520,423 Followers
Vinny ranking 4th place (and only a slim 30,000 followers back from 3rd) was kind of a surprise. Other than by actual fans of the show, he's the least recognizable of the lot ... aka - "the boring one" ... Or at least he WAS, till he carved his niche as "the most relatable" and "normal" one of the group, especially as we've seen more of his real life family on the show each season, than anyone else. He, like Pauly, is also pretty funny, but ... if you follow Vinny on Twitter, you'll see how he earns back the title of "the boring one". What he writes? - Total snoozefest.

#5 - The Situation - 970,830 Followers
Probably the biggest surprise of them all is how "low" on the list The Situation appears. Especially when you consider how much and to what extent he's exposed ...  Not even breaking the MILLION mark, I guess a lot of people really couldn't care less what he has to say. Reportedly Abercrombie & Fitch is offering to pay the Situation NOT to wear their clothes! They don't like the negative image of him or the rest of the cast and don't want their apparel seen in association with them. Awesome! I wish someone would pay ME to NOT do something!

#6 - Sammi - 829,485 Followers
The self-styled "Sweet-heart" isn't too far off from the Situation, which is actually pretty weird. Definitely the LEAST interesting female cast-mate, when she's not fighting with Ron or crying about it later, she brings nothing to the show. But I guess she's sorta pretty ... especially compared to the other girls, and in entertainment, that means something.

#7 - Ronnie - 728,475 Followers
What to say about him? He seems like a nice enough guy, but a total meathead. He was fun in the 1st season when he was constantly brawling with people on the boardwalk, but then just became exhausting, constantly bawling over his turmoil with Sammi. And aside from a few fitness/vitamin ads, he's yet to craft any other kind of identity for himself.

#8 - Deena - 585,694 Followers
The newest to the bunch is forgiven for having the least amount of the Twitter followers. She'll eventually pass Ronnie and Sammi though. Guaranteed. Especially after this season. Like the majority of her cast, she doesn't have TOO much to offer, but she's blissfully unaware of herself, and let's it all hang out (literally and figuratively) in every single scene she's in. Her energy counts for a lot, making her the most fun girl to watch in the house, next to Snooki.

(S. Money, Jello Shot, The Occurrence, and Fat Tony)

That's it for the main cast members ... But just for a frame of reference, I threw in a couple more "fringe" cast members, so you can see how wide a Twitter Following even the Jersey Shore periphery can extend.

Ryder - 90,955 Followers
Caitlin Ryder, one of Snooki's back home BFFs whose come to visit the house on a few occasions. She's as fun to watch as Snooki is, but easier to look at.

Angelina - 40,867 Followers
Former housemate that couldn't complete season 1 or season 2 before leaving the house (and finally replaced in season 3 by Deena) has a shockingly (although not surprisingly) light following. Nicknamed "the Staten Island Dump" for her curvaceous posterior (among other things), Angelina chooses "deplorable" (even by Jersey Shore standards) every chance she gets. Her latest exploit? A week an half ago, she was discussing her ended engagement and miscarriage on the Father Albert (uhg) talk show. Speculated is that there never even WAS a pregnancy, and if it WAS all in effort to squeeze a few more seconds out of her 15 minutes of fame? ... ... I'd say it was "a new low", but it's Angelina, and it's 2011, so ... yeah.

Uncle Nino - 36,927 Followers
Vinny's crazy Uncle Nino and the PRIME example of anything related to the Jersey Shore that people will follow. I'm not sure he can even READ, much less update a Twitter status, but whatever. People would follow the Duck Phone if it had a page, I'm sure ...

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