Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Not quite a "mop" and not quite a "puppet", but maaan ...

Do you remember the Muppet Babies? ... Yeah, neither do I. But it just so happens that I come upon this awesome, refreshingly original cartoon called Tiny Fuppets. "What are they?", you ask? It's pretty hard to say, and although the show is entirely in Portuguese, so there's no way you or I have EVER seen ANYTHING like it before, there remains something comfortably familiar about these little critters.

Brought to you by creator Arturo Lima, the Tiny Fuppets are brilliant on all the levels of satire that they are firing. Kids won't understand it. Not in a million years. And it's subtitled, so ... ya know. Be ready for THAT. But it's comedy gold and without a doubt the BEST thing that you've seen all day.

Check out the Intro:

You can follow the rest of their adorable adventures on Youtube (whatever THAT is) or see more of them at Tiny Fuppets

Ok, fine! ... You lazy bastard, here's one more 

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