Friday, September 30, 2011

Right on the Money ...

TV 2011 is OFFICIALLY underway now , what with the Big 4 ("5" if you count CW. but you shouldn't) having premiered most of their shiny new offerings, so I wanted to drop in a few cents on what is turning out to be my FAVORITE new find this Fall season, 2 Broke Girls.

It was easy to want to give this show, starring Kat Dennings, a chance. She's only just like the most beautiful girl EVER ... and, incidentally, reminds me so much of someone whom I love in the REAL world ... She has a great track record with comedy - Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist, The 40-year old Virgin, the comic relief in Thor this past summer ... But on the flip side, 2BG also airs on CBS, which is easily the LEAST funny of all the Broadcast nets (are we even allowed to CALL them that anymore?). Sandwiched between How I Met Your Mother, which is often hit or miss, and ... *uhg* ... Two & Half Men, it'd be anyone's guess what to expect.

SUPER impressed! Kat Dennings as longtime diner waitress Max steals the show in her deadpan motif, never overplays her tough, snarky Brooklynite character, and meshes perfectly in the mismatched buddy shtick with Beth Behrs's Caroline, one-time upper east-side heiress, now forced to actually WORK for a living and put her considerable, albeit never fully utilized, intellect and education to use. Throw in Garrett Morris, known best from 90's sitcom Martin, Brooke Lyons as Peach, the neglectful socialite young mother that Max works for at her 2nd job, and Matthew Moy playing the hapless Asian owner who, in the premiere, comes up with the grand idea of changing his name to "Bryce Lee" in order to be taken more seriously, and you have the building blocks of a really awesome ensemble.

My ONLY gripe, if any, is the same for MOST programs that attempt to portray NYC through Hollywood camera lenses. It's just ... Not. The environment itself gets painted as  too much a caricature of NY in too many scenes which can be frustrating and hard to just ignore, but ... It's what you come to expect nowadays in TV shows. So ... yeah. I'm not going to hold too much against 2BG for what only a VERY small amount of shows ever get right anyway. Overall? I love it.

Check out 2 Broke GirlsMondays @ 8:30 pm on CBS.

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