Tuesday, November 8, 2011

A Heroes Welcome on Hawaii Five-0

Daniel Dae Kim never had to relocate after ABC's hit show Lost (shot in the Aloha state) wrapped back in 2010. He immediately took up a badge and the role of Officer Chin Ho Kelly on CBS's successful revamp of Hawaii Five-0. This season, it's been awesome watching him share the screen with recurring regular Terry O'Quinn, his former fellow island castaway John Locke. However, H50 is yet to a give any wink or nod to their shared heritage. WTF?!

Is it that Hawaii Five-0 doesn't recognize a golden fun scenario when it's staring them in the face? No, that's definitely NOT the case as this past Monday featured a guest star from ANOTHER hit show of the Lost era ... Greg Grunberg, formerly known as Officer Parkman from NBC's Heroes.

Masi Oka, who starred as Hiro Nakamura back on Heroes, was upped from semi-recurring character, Forensics expert Dr. Max Bergman in season 1 of Hawaii Five-0, to now a series regular, and the brightest part of this new season 2. And H50 did NOT waste this spectacular opportunity to showcase a SPECTACULAR reunion between him and Grunberg:

Such good stuff!
I dare you not to grin. I DARE you!

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