Tuesday, January 10, 2012

May the SAUCE be with you?? ... Huh?!

First off - Happy New Year.
Second - Fuck you. I'm back, ok?

And now, an edible piece of awesome I heard about last week that I wanted to share - The Darth Vader Burger. Yep! It's a thing.

To help celebrate and promote the latest 'Lucas Money Grab', known as "Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace rerelease this February, now in 3D", the fast food chain in France, known as "Quick", has come up with signature, movie themed burgers.

The ingredients are pretty standard - Beef patties, pepper sauce, cheddar cheese, etc. But its still yet to be revealed just HOW they create the black bun! ... And personally? I don't care. It looks fuckin AWESOME, and I'd do anything to get my hands on one! If you never had a reason to go to France before, now you do, and please bring one back for me. Thanks. But hurry. The burger is only available till March.

FYI - They also have 2 other burgers - The Jedi Burger, which looks like a standard run of the mill burger, but with mozzarella cheese cubes in it, and The Darth Maul Burger, which is a lot like The Darth Vader Burger, but with a reddish hued bun ... Lame! Stick with Vader.



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