Wednesday, November 7, 2012

GO'bama! 4 More Years!!

Get ready, and hope you enjoy cuz this is as "political" as I'll ever get on this thing! 

Its not possible to NOT know that President Obama was re-elected last night to a round of joyous celebration, the country and the world over!

It all started with this little voters ballot ... Over the course of an entire November 6th and an entire nation, people were filling them out feverishly to ... well ... for whatever personal reasons motivate them ...

Afterwards, later on in the evening, many congregated wherever a drink and television set were available. I wound up at 230 5th in NYC (god help me), and it was a crazy scene! Felt like we were watching the Superbowl or something, they way everyone was into it, which was pretty cool. In the past, I've always just stayed home on Election night, and watched anything on TV that WASN'T politically related. Who KNEW this was a thing to do??

As much as people cheered whenever they showed Obama ahead or officially "winning" a state, (and maybe this was just a New York thing), nothing compared to way the roof blew off when CNN announced him as their projected winner. 

Here's a little taste of what the ol' camera caught: 

And of course, not EVERYONE was happy ... Plenty of sour grapes and disappointed faces to go 'round ... But whatever. Can't let their angry tweets, excuses and nonsense spoil an awesome day ... And I think we could all use one!

So - Yay!! 4 more years!! I for one am thrilled! The only thing I'll miss about Mr. Romney is his awesome nickname ... So, with the utmost respect for a hard fought election, here's a classy little "goodbye" note I put together for our ALMOST 'President Mittens' ... Later!

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