Friday, March 8, 2013

Does LATE NIGHT need Nikki & Sara?

If you haven't heard of them yet, I bet you never will, but Nikki Glaser (the blonde) and Sara Schaefer (the 4-eyes) host a "new?" late night talk show on MTV called Nikki & Sara Live. It airs only Tuesday nights at 11pm, and it feels like a test run for something the young adult network used to be good at and probably does need to re-explore ... So ... "Is it any GOOD?" ... in a word? - Hell Fuckin' No.

These girls DO have chemistry. I'll give them that. And they SHOULD, as they've co-hosted a weekly podcast together for some time called You Had to be There which gained a following and thus yielded Nikki & Sara Live. They've obv studied "Late Night 101", making light of and taking shots at celebrities and anyone making recent headlines for their opening segment. They follow with a sketch or a real on the street interview about some inane topic, and finally round it all off with some random celebrity guest ... This week was J-Woww ... *cough* ...

The problem is that Nikki and Sara, who are SUPPOSED to be actual comedians, are not funny at all ... AT ALL. Their continual attempt at that "dry/deadpan humor" you'd find in the classic SNL News segments, is nothing short of embarrassing to watch. They seem to be desperately trying to channel Tina Fey and Amy Poehler, but even when they DON'T flub their jokes (which is rare), the delivery just falls flat ... each and every single time. It's sad.

The show is only on once a week, so even at their most topical, they're not funnier than, say, Anthony Jeselnik (who hosts a similar/better weekly 30 min show "The Jeselnik Offensive" Tuesday nights on Comedy Central), and they'll forever be late to the game, with TMZ having already given you all the celeb gossip a week prior.

I feel there's ALWAYS room for another 'Late Night Talker'. As varying as the audience is out there, there's always a new voice that can speak to them. But if you're not going to reinvent the wheel, at least be funny. If you are unable to provide anything unique or compelling, at least be genuine ... Nikki & Sara hit NONE of these marks, so even at 30 minutes a week, it is a complete waste of time. Nice try MTV, but don't give up. You'll get it right again, one of these days.

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