Tuesday, September 17, 2013

I spy with my little I-Phone ...

Last week Apple officially presented TWO (that's more than 1) successors to the iPhone 5 - the "iPhone 5c" and the "iPhone 5s". Awesome, right? But then the question - Are they worth a damn? Or is this just the next installment of the "annual Apple money-grab"?

(official iPhone 5c promo - the cutie in blue is Reni Mimura, Japanese pop singer, actress, and featured performer at Maid Cafe'-NY 
150 Centre St. New York, NY)

First - the 5c -Some say the "C" stands for "Color", others say "Cheap". Neither are wrong as the 5c comes in 4 new vivd colors - blue, yellow, pink, and green. And the candy-coated looking device is less expensive with the 16G version being only $99 with a 2 year contract. The reinforced durable plastic body is really the only major change, though, from the iPhone 5. Small tweaks include a slightly improved camera and expanded LTE service. Touted to now have the largest of any phone, it'll allow the fastest download speeds and usage WORLDWIDE. Solid.

Ok, the 5s - Now this is something ... It looks a lot like the 5, although now in addition to the "black" and "white", comes in the swanky "champagne gold" color, but its what's UNDER the hood that counts. 2 years ago (can u believe it?) we got Siri. This year, we get the Touch ID. That little "home" button that does everything on the phone now scans and recognizes the user/owner's fingerprint adding for greater security to your phone. It seems you can program it to only respond only to you so even if someone can get past your passcode, the phone will still be useless to them if it doesn't recognize their ID ... which is cool.

Also, the Touch ID is used in the general touch screen interface say when making app and in-app purchases, as opposed to continually and repeatedly needing to put in your password. Neat.

Also, the 5s comes with the upgraded "A7" chip (iPhone 5 uses A6). Basically its a faster processor, and smart phones need to continually boost their processors to handle the increasing demands of our digital age. So you'll have the best on the market in the iPhone 5s, and with the greater LTE service also found in the 5c, there should be nothing this phone can't do better than what's currently sitting in your pocket.

Lastly, both the 5c & 5s will come loaded with iOs7 - the newest operating system that has some cute new features. You don't need to buy the new phones to get it, of course. You can just download it. Unless ur lazy ... which you are.

So should you get either phone? -- Well if you have anything less than the iPhone 5 - Yes. Abso-fuckin-lutely. But if you already HAVE the iPhone 5, you can prob skip the 5c unless you desperately need some more color in your life. It won't outperform your 5.

The 5s, however? If you can get it for the new contract price? -- Its definitely worth the consideration. The Touch ID is pretty cool and the stronger A7 chip will carry the phone nicely through 2014 when we should get the iPhone 6.

Just my 2 cents. Spend it wisely.

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