Monday, April 27, 2015

Mariah shoots the Canon

So Mariah Carey & Nick Canon’s relationship is over. Can we all agree with that, at least? But to add insult to “injury” and leave nothing to speculation, Carey drops the new single “Infinity”, billed as a “diss record”, supposedly destroying (ex?) hubby Nick … Really, tho? … She takes shots at him “being broke” … C’mon. Such a cliché and predictable jab, and totally B.S. at that, as we all know the Can-man’s cash flow is just fine.

But moreso, and I’ll just say it – the song is plain whack. I mean did she just write the thing yesterday, sing it into her phone and save it in a voicemail or something? And the video? Can we even call it that?? … Sad. So far beneath Mariah, even at her most mediocre.

I’m a Mariah fan, so it pains me to say this (not really though) but her song is like a super corny knockoff of Beyonce’s (who I hate) Irreplaceable.
Am I wrong?

And Beyonce's Irreplaceable as the measuring stick in this case

Word? Got 2 Cents? Can I have 1?

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