Monday, January 24, 2011

9 more days ...

... or 16, depending on how you look at it!

The word is Feb 3rd, current Verizon subscribers can order it, while everyone else will have to wait another week (Feb 10th) for the long sought after I-phone 4: Verizon edition.

So the question now that people have been debating is - is it worth it all the fuss?

  • Its a CDMA phone, not GSM like AT&T. What does that mean? - In short, it does your voice talking and all your data transmissions on two separate streams, which CAN'T be done at the same time. So you won't be checking your e-mail or updating your Facebook in the middle of your phone conversations with the Verizon brand.
  • It is not a World phone, so if u take it overseas (outside the U.S.), all you've got now is a 5 mega-pixel camera.
  •  It's still trapped on the 3G Network. Verizon DOES have the 4G LTE network available in most places that matter, but I-phone was being built and play tested for Verizon way before the 4G network was available. The antenna wasn't designed for it. And to try and make those accommodations now? ... well, let's just say that we wouldn't be getting it on Feb 3rd ...
  • Lastly - the I-phone 5. It will no doubt hit the shelves June/July. Should u buy the older model less than 5 months before the release of the newer one? ...
  • It's the Verizon network. Finally! And not speaking solely out of loyalty to my current phone provider, but it IS the best in overall phone service. Both calling quality AND customer service. I've had AT&T in the past. Couldn't wait to jump ship. And since then, i've never looked back.
  • In the CDMA vs GSM controversy - the door actually swings both ways. Part of AT&T's problem was the overload of information and data processing that their crappy 3G network wasn't equipped to handle, all flowing down that same GSM tunnel. This resulted in poor connections, dropped called, and tons of data delays and lag times. On the CDMA, since the calls are not operating on the same pipeline as your data, the result will be far superior quality in both that AT&T users never got to enjoy.
Ok. So what's the verdict? If u tally up the "pros" and "cons", then there is less sensibility in going out and grabbing the I-phone 4 when it launches ... 

But "Smart Phones" aren't about sensibility. Quite frankly, nobody needs about 95% of the bells and whistles their phone comes with. But we Want them. The same way that we've been wanting and clamoring for the Gold Standard in Smart Phones - the I-Phone - to hit Verizon. So now that it finally has, is anyone REALLY gonna burden themselves with logic and over-thinking when it comes to purchasing it? - Hellz fuckin no. It's a shiny new toy, and I've been good, so I'm gonna GET the god damn thing ... and when the I-phone 5 launches in 5 months, I'm gonna get that fucker too!

So?? Wanna make something OF it?!?!

9 days ...

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