Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Perfect Couples ... oh, NBC ...

So ... I gave Perfect Couples (Thursdays, 8:30pm) a shot ... u may have heard murmuring about the "quality" of this show, long before its premiere ... I know, I did! But I chose to ignore them, and just see for myself. Ya know? Afterall, I ... well ... uh ... ya know ...

Yeah. Her. If u don't know who this is, I find it difficult to believe that u are even reading a blog. (It's Olivia Munn, stupid.) Her presence alone should make it possible to get through almost ANY half hour of TV. I mean, in the end, how bad could Perfect Couples possibly BE, right?!

3 words: Un-Watch-Able. At the 1st commercial break, I deleted it from my DVR. Couldn't stomach another second of it. Forget the fact that it wasn't by any means or on any level funny. It's was just painful. What can a viewer find more tiring? - A cliche, a premise or a stereotype? Perfect Couples dares u to answer that question with every single grating "character" interaction and plot device on the show.  

The good news is that there is no way 'the genius think-tank' at NBC will allow this garbage to actually continue for too much longer. It's so cute to listen to the stars trying to promote the show like they think it actually HAS something!

I challenge u to see if u can get through a full episode! If u can, let me know, and u'll win a prize!
(ps - no u won't)

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