Thursday, January 27, 2011

Cougar Town is Cougar-riffic!

I've said it before, and I'll keep saying it - Cougar Town (Wednesdays, 9:30pm) is a hella funny show! Everyone raves about Modern Family, which IS pretty ok, but Cougar Town is hands down  the best of the ABC Wednesday comedy lineup.

Some shows are "funny", but it's the special ones that actually make you laugh out loud. I especially love the self referential jabs it takes at itself for it's title and original premise ... The original premise being what most "critics" I've spoken to say they DON'T like about the show. If they actually watch it now, they'd see how far this show has grown past it and really come into its own, with the best and funniest clique of friends on a sitcom since ... Seinfeld. ... What? ... You thought I'd compare it to ANOTHER comedy about a group of friends? ... I have no idea what u are talking about :)

Plus every single opening title screen is different and awesome.


  1. wrong. modern family is funnier than cougar town. however, i'm with you that CT is under-rated. the biggest flaw of the show is that the son looks like he's 35.

  2. #1 - ur crazy. aside from Luke, nobody on Modern Family gives u the 'laugh out loud". Almost everyone on Cougar Town does.

    #2 - the son (Travis) is awesome. best line last night -

    Tom: "Travis, why AREN'T you at college?"
    Travis: ".... .... I don't KNOW ..."

    - the show, again, hilariously pointing out it's own plot holes.