Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Good ol' Marc made an interesting post on this new website called Facebook the other day, entitled "Things people like that I just don't get" (or something to that effect) which reminded me of something I sampled ... or RE-sampled the other day - CSI: Miami (Sundays; 10pm, on the Eyeball)

Once upon a time, this was one of the top rated primetime dramas on television, and is still today a solid rock performer for CBS. Many people, even those well outside it's "target demographic" would swear by this show. I've never been a huge fan of the procedural, but whatevz. I'm open-minded. ... That and a lack of cable access allowed me to give CSI: Miami a fair look last Sunday. And you know what I found? It sucks. It's just a laughably corny show.

Now in all fairness, I'm not biased against the program type. Hawaii Five-0, a relatively similar show on CBS that I've discovered this season, I actually love. So what's wrong with CSI: Miami? The acting. The execution. You'd think a show that practically has the word "Forensics" in the title would be a little "smarter". Nope! As both The Simpsons AND Family Guy have described CSI: Miami before - "all flash and no substance" ... Crazy out of sequence music, wild camera angles and plays on light when they are doing "science" and "investigating" ... Is that supposed to make it seem cool or exciting? Who are they kidding? ... and David  Caruso is a joke.

But don't fret. I've got good news. Your soul-mate EJ has found a REPLACEMENT criminal investigative show for you - National Terrorism Strike Force: San Diego: Sport Utility Vehicle

Trust me. This one they got right. It's everything you think you want in TV show, with none of what you forgot you hated. Check out the commercial spot for the coming season finale.

Set your DVRs now ....