Friday, February 25, 2011

a quick Luke at Modern Family ...

The highest rated new sitcom last year and ABC breakout hit comedy, Modern Family (Wednesdays; 9pm) delivered yet another pretty strong episode this past week. It's NOT the funniest show on TV, despite what ABC, it's Emmy wins, and people who just parrot anything printed in Entertainment Weekly will tell you. It's not even the Alphabet Net's (yes, that's its nickname) best show on Wednesday nights.

But Modern Family IS consistently solid overall, and that is 100% thanks to the show's 2 strongest weapons: Cameron Tucker, played by Eric Stonestreet, and perhaps the funniest kid on television today, Luke Dunphy (sorry, Manny), played by Nolan Gould. While the center family, The Dunphys, are usually redundant and grating, Luke saves it for them every week. They don't often give him a lot to say, but when they do, he NAILS it.

Ed O'Neill's Jay Pritchett and his family can be hit or miss, but at least Sofia Vergara is nice to look at.

And then, of course, Cam, who's the partner of Mitchell Pritchett (Jesse Tyler Ferguson), is as note perfect as Luke, and is the driving force of the 3rd, but funniest family in the series.

This past Wednesday, Feb. 23rd, they decided to team-up both Luke AND Cam, in helping organize a musical fundraiser party ... which was the best thing they've done all season:

It's worth tuning in every week, just for the 2 of them.
FYI - Luke's recurring self-motivating catch phrase: "C'mon, Luke!" = Priceless.

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