Monday, February 14, 2011

Falling for it Again? .. Yep. Probably!

Have you seen the promo for the new Alien Invasion/ World-pocalypse action film Battle: Los Angeles? ...

No? .... Uhm ... Yes, you have. Cuz they already released the same exact movie back in November, but they called it Skyline. Remember?

Pretty much the same thing, right? Hell, they both even take place in Los Angeles ... Skyline might even very well be the prequel to Battle: Los Angeles, but I don't blame them for not mentioning that since Skyline was such a stinker.

Tired and played out genre? Maybe. Too much of the same too soon? Probably. Will I go see it anyway? Most likely. I love the big action epic, and Battle: LA doesn't SEEM to have Eric Balfour in the cast, so it's ALREADY a drastic improvement over Skyline.

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