Friday, February 11, 2011

Is GLEE the most Obnoxious show on Television? ...

Don't overthink it. I'll just answer FOR you. Yes.
Its rare to see a show fall so in love with itself this quickly.

Several friends and co-conspirators have mentioned to me that FOX is in desperate need of some new shows or some semblance of a spark of new life ... I beg to differ. Although only a shadow of what it once was ratings-wise and quality-wise, The Simpsons is still the captain of Sunday's solid Animation Domination block, with Family Guy & The Cleveland Show actually over-delivering it. (last i checked)  House remains firm, as do Bones and the freshman comedy Raising Hope. Obviously there's the ratings behemoth American Idol does what it does best, and then FOX has its mega-hit Glee. The net is fine.

Ok. So what's the problem?
For starters - the 66 minute Superbowl stunt ... and the fact that like every other weekend is now a "Gleekend" or "Get Gleeked" Marathon that somehow bleeds onto other channels. It refuses to NOT be in your face and it just isn't as good a show as it THINKS it is.

Is that enough to then be "obnoxious"? No. But it gets worse. Every episode is a stunt. "Oh! we're doing songs and dressing up like Britney Spears this week! ... the episode you MUST watch!" Well, which ISN'T an episode where they aren't trying to jack the copyrights to a song that we've appreciated over the years?! Do you see what I mean? It's almost like they refuse (or are unable) to pave their own way. Riding the coattails of music someone else established and saying "watch our show because of it." I mean a special "Michael Jackson Thriller episode" to follow the Superbowl!? Really?? ... They've got some balls, that's for sure ...

But the very WORST part, and that which earns them the title of "Most Obnoxious Show on Television"? They carry themselves like they are doing everyone ELSE a favor with their existence. When the rock group Kings of Leon refused to give Glee the rights to their song, Ryan Murphy, the show's co-creator, in The Hollywood Reporter called the Kings "self-centered assholes". Now Justin Timberlake continues to be a holdout from working with Glee even after show's producers make the claim that "... every artist that has their songs performed on Glee has found themselves back on the charts." ... Fuckin REALLY now? Is that right?! Well god bless Glee then, huh? The World owes you Everything. They were quoted as taking JT's constant refusal as "a slap in the face" ...

Wow. The balls on this show ....

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    Did your school even have glee club? Mine was just called music class and they made us watch Amadeus. For real.