Saturday, February 5, 2011

McDisgusto Burger ...

THIS is what you get when you go for that late night fast food in NYC .... especially when that fast food place is McDonalds ...

Yes. This was the condition it was in BEFORE I bit into it ... Looks like someone or someTHING got to my hamburger before I did ... Fuckin disgusting. The culprit? - The McDonalds on 42nd Street, between Madison & 5th ... Uhg. They've SO made the list!

Rule #1 of fast food dining - ALWAYS inspect your meal before you put it in your mouth.

Rule #2 of fast food dining - Never buy McDonalds after 12am where the Overnight shift cares even LESS about you than the Evening shift, but has no manager on duty to make sure they don't fuck with your food. If you do? Please consult Rule #1 again.

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