Friday, February 4, 2011

playing 'Musical Stairs' ...

For those that have to travel through 34th St. Penn Station at rush hour? I pity you. Hell, ANYTIME during daylight hours, it's just a nightmare. The congestion is ridiculous and god forbid you actually have somewhere to BE!? You are NOT getting around those idiots that park themselves on escalator deciding - "Oh, well since the stairs are doing the moving for me, I can now just concentrate on checking my facebook, eating this bag of donuts, and dreading the rest of my day."

So wouldn't the stairs (although super congested as well) just be quicker!? .... as my soul-mate Annette would say - "YEAAAAHH RIIIIIGHT!" Who wants to operate under their own power in this day and age?

Well, like giving a cracker to a Parakeet, all people need is a little incentive. Try making it fun ...

Neat, huh? (Thanks Stace!) I wish every step I took EVERYWHERE played music! ESPECIALLY in a crowded subway station!

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