Saturday, February 5, 2011

don't Lowell your expectations for The Fighter ...

Me and 1L watched The Fighter last night, starring Mark Wahlberg and Christian Bale (i'm really loading up on all the Oscar flicks this year, huh?) and I'm pleased to report that it was excellent.

Sure, you've seen one boxing movie, you've seen them all, right? ... Even the "true story" movies, right?? ... Well, yeah. But you go to see The Fighter for the amazing performances by the truly Oscar worthy Bale and the refreshingly dialed back Wahlberg. It's super fun watching something that looks almost like a period piece but that takes place in 1993, and the matches themselves are more realistic than you'll find in most boxing flicks, yet no less exciting. The overall story is told in a bit of a different way with a whole lot more humor than you'd expect with no shortage of rich and engaging characters.

There's no real "villain" in this movie, which is another breath of fresh air. Just a telling of many people's struggles to overcome their own personal ... ... Ya know what? Just watch the damn movie because I told you to, alright? It's awesome. My verdict? - I Loved it. Some little tid bits of fun to watch for? "throwback" HBO, cameos by Sugar Ray Leonard, Roy Jones Jr., and other legendary greats, and best unexpected gem of the movie - the 7 Sisters. See the movie. You'll see what I mean.

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