Friday, February 11, 2011

Wwow, Jenni ... really?

It wasn't until doing this blog post that I realized just how stupid a name "Jwoww" is ... I mean it breaks pretty much every single rule in the English language ... which, I suppose brings us to the topic on hand ...

What is there to do on a blustery 20 degree Wednesday evening, February in New York? Well It just so happened that the Borders bookstore in Columbus Circle was hosting a signing for Ms. Jenni Farley, aka (uhg) "Jwoww" that night, for her new book, so we figure - 'Ok. We have GOT to see how this goes down ..." (no pun intended)

Now, I'm a pretty big fan of MTV's Jersey Shore, so even though Jwoww is far from my favorite on the show, I have nothing against their fame for ... 'whatever' ... This is life and how TV is, right? So my 'hateration' on them is pretty limited.

That being said, I'm not 100% certain that Jenni can even read ... much less WRITE a book. So the premise alone was entertaining. As was the massive crowd of people lined up to see her. Boys and girls of all ages, ethnicities, and social groups. Cameras and cell phones were ablaze and young folks (girls, mostly) yelling out asinine "supportive" comments like "We LOVE you!!" ... For WHAT? 'Peeing of the floor behind the bar because you were too drunk to go find the bathroom"? (this literally occurred in the episode 3 or 4 weeks ago). You can also hear the side conversations on how much they hate Sammi and how ugly they think she is. (yes, this is the part where you roll your eyes)

There was a table and desk there, so I actually thought for a moment that Jwoww might talk or answer some questions ... But then i quickly came to my senses and realized that that's not her 'thing', as that would require actually having something to SAY...

So ... yeah. We didn't stay too long, but for what we saw it seemed like a good time. Fans got to see their hero. Cynics got to shake their heads at the youth of today. It was Win - Win.

Couldn't get a close up picture of her ... unless I'd bought a book and waited in line ... so ... yeah, I couldn't get a close up picture of her.

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