Monday, March 28, 2011

Another shade of BLACK ...

Miranda Cosgrove should be ashamed of herself. Poor 13 year-old Rebecca Black has been shouldering the incessant criticism, ridicule, and parody stemming from the famous/infamous music video launched a couple Fridays ago. Why should SHE carry that weight alone while Cosgrove skates free??

If you don't know who Miranda Cosgrove is, she's the star of the hit Nickelodeon show iCarly and was recently a feature voice in the movie Despicable Me. Well, SHE does music too and not only do the girls look alike and sing alike, but their videos are pretty much EXACTLY the same as well. Hell, if you lay them next to each other, Cosgrove's actually fades right INTO Black's.

You be the judge! (you can just fast forward to the end of the 1st one if you need to)

Seamless, huh?
Coincidence? No clue.
But if you are gonna crap all over one of them, you might as well crap on them both.

Now a question on many people's minds (mine included) is just who IS that random rapper dude in Black's video?!? I wanna know HIS story!! 

Answer? - Patrice "Pato" Wilson, a Producer for Ark Music Factory, the power behind Rebecca Black's unstoppable musical force. An "artist" in his own right, Pato seems to have figured out that producing will net him a whole lot more bucks than his own rudimentary rap skills ever will. I think HE's going to be an interesting person to keep an eye on ...

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