Thursday, March 24, 2011

Chris Brown Apology; take #27 ...

I'm so happy that Chris Brown continues to prove he is, without a doubt, the sack of garbage I keep saying that he is.  As EVERYBODY knows by now, he had another violent outburst after a Good Morning America interview with host Robin Roberts, where she "cornered" him with questions regarding "the Rihanna incident". He question dodged & topic changed to the best of his ability, but it wasn't enough to keep him from exploding backstage in his dressing room. Throwing chairs, breaking windows, ripping his shirt off, and getting in people's faces. Yes, this actually happened.

Whatevz. Yesterday's news. But what you might NOT have heard yet was his asshole "apology" (a Chris Brown trademark by now) on BET's 106 & Park yesterday! It had all the "sincerity" (man, this guy is causing me to use a lot of quotation marks today ... I hate him for THAT now, too!) of his 2009 "I'm not a Monster" apology over Rihanna, or his crocodile tears during his 2010 BET Awards performance.

Hahahahaha Listen to him trying desperately too use big words and sound like a rational intelligent human being. And that poor excuse for a VJ Rocsi and ass clown Terence actually catering to and lapping up the crap coming out of his mouth. Anyone else miss AJ and Free?

The fact that he has to keep apologizing for things should be the indicator that whatever Anger Management skills he picked up aren't working. And the crowd cheering for him sorta made me throwup.

And comparison of Chris Brown vs Charlie Sheen? Please. Charlie may be a completely nuts, self destructive, annoying, played out, recovering (hahaha) drug addict, but he didn't beat his spouse to near death and go jet skiing the next day.

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