Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Batman gets his Ass Kicked ... in Vegas

There's just something hilarious about costumed characters getting their asses handed to them ... From clowns to mascots (my personal faves), watching people forced to switch modes from light-hearted, "let's have fun" to suddenly super serious, "Please let me make it home in one piece today" - is just one of the most enjoyable things ever!

Someone should have warned this man on the Vegas strip that just because you DRESS UP as The Dark Knight, doesn't mean you can now fight like him ... But then sometimes the most meaningful of life lessons need to be taught to you in front of dozens of gawking spectators ...

Thanks, once again, goes out to my boy OC for uncovering this!
I love how the people watching don't know what to make of it at first. Is it all part of some show or is this an actual fight going down? That question is answered pretty quickly as with a NEW twist - the bystanders and cops have to come to the HERO's rescue.

Little known fact - the one and only Abe Simpson once moonlighted as a costumed vigilante! Remember how THAT turned out?

And then, of course, all that remains is the post-fight interview of the assailant ...

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