Sunday, May 1, 2011

Man, this Bitch can MOVE!

Along the travels of everyday life, one can happen upon some amazing things. Even if you DON'T physically travel much, per se, don't sweat it - watching TV and surfing the Internet counts as "traveling" too. So by now we're USED to seeing folks offer up Pets that can do incredible things - Surf, Skateboard, Water-ski, Dunk a basketball ... the list goes on.

That being said, you've NEVER seen a Dancing Dog like this! (unless you already have) This Prancing Pooch can Merengue with the best of them, and you'll scratch your head right down to the bone trying to figure out how they trained a Retriever to bring home a Golden performance like this! If you like dogs, dancing, or just thinking "WTF?" while grinning ear to ear - then you're gonna LOVE this!

Thanks, Yoko, for sharing!

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