Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Greyson vs. Justin: Does he stand a Chance?

In a word? - No.

Ok, a little bit of background in case your not up to speed - Last year, internet sensation and middle schooler, Greyson Chance, fell on the radar due to his buzzworthy rendition of Lady Gaga's hit song Paparazzi. Ellen Degeneres fell in love with him, brought him on her show, and instantly signed him to her newly created label ElevenEleven. Fastforwarding to now-times - Chance's debut album, Hold On 'Til the Night, dropped last Tuesday.

So... What does this kid have in common with our Justin Bieber? ... Uhm ... only EVERYTHING!! I mean, change the name "Ellen" to "Usher" and you have exactly the same kid and story. So then, SHOULD Bieber worry about fighting to maintain his stranglehold on his fickle teen-girl fan base? Not one bit.

Even WITH Ellen's backing, the timing is all wrong. Had Chance come out AMIDST Bieber's rise to fame, a little "friendly" competition would have pushed and benefitted both of them. But jumping in now? This late in the game? The girls haven't outgrown Bieber yet. He's as popular as he's ever been, and Chance, who isn't offering anything new, is just too young to be convincing. (he's 13 years old)

He'll garner a LITTLE something ... Some Twitter followers and such ... (oh, by the way, Follow me on Twitter - @DarkOcean ) But he's not taking anyone's spot. And he won't be carving out his own niche either. Hell, after this blogpost, probably nobody will ever say his name ever again.

Here's his video anyway.
... It's ... "current" ... I guess ...

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