Monday, September 26, 2011

Ricci's accommodations are First Class!

I was gonna lead off with something to the effect of "Pan Am takes Flight on ABC", but ... I'm sure there will be enough people writing shit like that today. So if you need me to spell it out DIRECTLY - last night ABC premiered MY most anticipated new show of the Fall, Pan Am, starring one Christina Ricci.

And for those that are brand new to this or haven't been paying any attention to me ... EVER, then you should know that I absolutely love and adore all things Christina Ricci. Therefore, I'm immediately biased in favor of this new show, but I will ATTEMPT to be fair and impartial. And, in my impartiality ... I must say ... "I like it".

I don't yet "love it", as it's not particularly my kind of TV program. Surrounding the lives of the flight crew of Pan Am Airlines, Pan Am is full on drama, with a splash of romance and adventure, and a period piece at the same time. That period being Cold War era 1960s, they have a lot to play with, much of it being very camp, which I do appreciate. Ricci is a delight in every way although she feels a bit "outside the time period" that everyone else lives in. That might be intentional as the stewardesses play as "unconventionals" compared to traditional women of the time, and Ricci's character Maggie is unconventional, even by THEIR standard.

Maggie didn't have all that much to do in the premiere which IS a gripe for me, but I really liked the story between rival stewardess Kate, played by Kelli Garner, and her sister Laura, played by Margot Robbie.  Kate's one-sided jealousy and insecurity towards her younger sister was played note perfect, and I especially love the story of Kate, unbeknownst to the rest of the crew, providing counter-intelligence services for the U.S. government amidst her flight attending duties.

Sadly, but none too surprisingly, the men of Pan Am are dreadfully uninteresting, so whenever it delved into THEIR lives, the show dragged a bit. Thankfully though, Pan Am didn't forget that the stewardesses were centerpiece, and focus quickly shifted back to them before viewers (me) lost interest.

Overall, I'm happy with it, and it's a very welcome new addition to my Sunday night viewing.

Catch Pan Am, Sunday nights @10pm on ABC.

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