Monday, September 26, 2011

TV Quote of the Week - 9/26/11

Time for another TV Quote of the Week!
Let's do this thang!!

This week, the quote is brought to you from, hands down, the BEST show (that only some of you are watching) on MTV, Awkward. The writing is poetry and if you have not yet partaken, you are COMPLETELY missing out ...

All the characters in this hilarious 30 min teen soap comedy engage in dialogue that is absolute GOLD, but none moreso than Sadie, the WORST of the Mean Girls, and one of the greatest television villains to grace non-pay cable. As the proverbial "devil on the shoulder" of her best friend, the ultra-religious Lissa, Sadie dispenses advice on how to deal with Lissa's boyfriend Jake who'd finally admitted to kissing Jenna (the star of the show). Manipulative as always, Sadie succeeds in rattling Lissa's religious conviction, offering up THIS slice of wisdom over the subject of God:

Sadie: "You should stop listening to him and listen to me. Remember, God sold out his only son to die on a stick."

You really have to catch this show. You will NOT be disappointed!!

Awkward. Tuesdays @ 11pm on MTV.

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