Monday, September 12, 2011

TV Quote of the Week - 9/12/11

Another PRICELESS TV Quote of the Week!

It's a little on the early side this week ... or a bit late from LAST week, however you choose to look at it ... Regardless, it's fuckin awesome, and comes to you from the Series premiere episode of MTV's new show Death Valley.

A cross between Reno 911 and True Blood, Death Valley is a faux reality cop show that takes place in LA, amidst a world where supernatural elements such as VampiresWerewolves, and the like, represent a consistent menace upon the citizenry. During a routine Donut Shop patrol, the Sound Guy gets bitten while filming a Zombie encounter, and finds himself forced to plead his for his life to the on duty Officers that now have to put him down.

Sound Guy: "What are you guys talking about? ... I'm your Sound Guy! ..."

Officer "John John" Johnson: "This the Valley, man ... There's LOTS of Sound Guys."


Again ... Awesome.

Catch Death Valley, Mondays @ 10:30pm on MTV.

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