Monday, September 12, 2011

The Curtain falls on Entourage ...

Last night was the Series Finale for HBO's semi-long running series, Entourage ... "Semi", due to the fact that the last few seasons have been barely what you could even CALL "seasons", averaging only about 8 episodes each ... A bit shy of the 10-13 that you would EXPECT from a cable series, and one of HBO's staples, at that ...

Regardless, for those that want to reminisce along with me, or those that know the series but missed the finale and want to know what happened - here's a quick recap on how everyone's lives wound up!


Last season Turtle was doing the whole Avion Tequila thing, trying to be a businessman on his own, without relying solely on Vince. This season he sold his shares of Avion to invest in a restaurant business he wanted to open, only to then see Avion go public, drastically increasing the value of the stock shares he'd just sold. "Bummer", right? Well, good old Vince, having a feeling that Avion would take off, never sold HIS shares of Avion, and also secretly bought Turtle's to hold onto. He returns them to Turtle, and now Turtle is a happy Millionaire, with money of his own to finally invest in his dream restaurant.

Johnny Drama's career finally has some glimmer of hope. After successfully holding out with Actor-in-arms Andrew "Dice" Clay (the best story of this final season) to get more money from the Johnny Bananas show, and securing the starring role in the Vince-directed made-for-tv movie on CBS, the acting future looks bright for Entourage's lovable loser. Like Turtle, he didn't "find true love" or anything, but they both finished at the top of their game, and excitedly looking forward to all the rewards destined to come with.


Ari's attempt to balance his work and married life had been a constant struggle throughout the run of the show, with his marriage usually taking a backseat. It had finally come to a head last season when he and his wife separated, and THIS season, both of them dabbled with seeing other people. They were on the verge of divorce, before Ari ultimately had an epiphany and chose to retire from his career as Hollywood's biggest agent, and devote the rest of his time to his wife and marriage that he'd been neglecting all these years. The final scene of the show is of Ari, only having been on his permanent vacation for a week, getting made an offer to take over a Film/Television/Media Empire ... His "dream come true" or his "renewed commitment to his wife"? ... This was the final cliffhanger as we don't know which he was going to choose ...

E's ending was pretty up in the air (no pun intended). His on again/off again relationship with Sloan has been nothing short of tiring all these seasons, but she's still the love of his life. The 2nd to last episode has Sloan reveal that she's pregnant with Eric's baby and is moving to New York. E, even though Sloan won't take him back, wants to leave his Management company and his friends to go back to New York as to remain a part of their lives. His crew rallies behind him, as E & S's baby is "automatically" their baby as well, whom they'd do anything to support, and Vince is able to convince Sloan to give Eric one more chance. They literally fly off in a jet together "towards and unknown future" ... blah!


E is the "star" of the show, but the series finale offered the reminder that Vince is ultimately the core of the group, around which the "entourage" always revolved. This season he "beat" his drug addiction and survived rehab, rebuilt his acting career by landing the lead role in the next blockbuster epic, and even took a new turn, writing and soon directing a new film for his bother Drama. Then finally, after pretty much solving everyone else's problems, Vince falls in love with a British journalist, and following the "most incredible" 24 hour date of their lives, the 2 (in true Hollywood fashion) decide to fly off to Paris and get married.

There's been rumor of there potentially being an Entourage Movie, and the series finale DID leave enough lingering questions to be answered ... Eric's future with Sloan, the baby, and his company ... Vince's hasty wedding ... Ari's big choice ... Plus, Sex & the City, another iconic HBO show, did well with IT's theatrical release, ... although Entourage probably doesn't command the same degree of following ...

Nevertheless, I guess only time will tell. But till then? - Thank you Entourage and HBO for 8 fun-filled seasons.

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